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Client Success Stories

business men shaking handsA client wanted to expand her already successful grocery store and add product lines. Her bank refused to fund her so I went to many banks in Milwaukee showing her history and projected future until we found a bank willing to finance her expansion. ‘We are advocates and fight for our clients!’

A restaurant wanted to expand by purchasing some land adjacent to their restaurant. I proposed using low interest government funding but their bank said it was not possible. I persisted and finally they agreed, saving my client thousands of dollars in interest. ‘Our knowledge of government funding programs helped our client.’

A contractor called me because they were losing money. I met with the owners and discovered they had not raised prices in several years despite their costs rising significantly. Their current CPA was basically a bookkeeper and did not offer them any advice on how to become profitable. So we started them with the ‘Profit First’ system. They have been clients of The Neal Group for many years and are putting more money in their pocket! We have also helped to revise their bidding process and change burden rates when needed. ‘

We work with our clients to plan the future, not just record the past.


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